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50 готовых эссе. 1. Автомобили. За и против Богатые только они успешные. Согласны ли вы

Название1. Автомобили. За и против Богатые только они успешные. Согласны ли вы
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48. Школьная форма. За и против
Although wearing school uniform is not compulsory any more, it continues to be a subject of heated debate between teachers and schoolchildren.
On the one hand, it is believed that pupils who wear school uniforms perform better academically in school. It is true because children are often so focused on their wardrobe that it distracts them from learning. In addition, experts claim that teenagers who wear school uniforms behave more appropriately in the school environment. What is more, lots of pupils are often teased
because they do not wear expensive designer clothes to school. So those students whose parents cannot afford stylish clothes will feel more comfortable.
On the other hand, children hate wearing the same clothes all the time because it stifles their self-expression and remove their individuality. Besides, most school uniforms are formal and rather uncomfortable, especially in hot weather, whereas children need to feel comfortable in order to maximize learning. Uniforms can therefore deter academic success. Moreover, although school uniforms cost less than trendy children's clothing, they increase the amount of clothing parents will have to buy for their children.
To conclude, when both sides of the argument are looked at, I would argue that the best solution would be to design a cheap comfortable uniform that allows children to wear individual items so as to express their individuality. Personally, I do not mind wearing a uniform because it gives me a sense of belonging and makes me feel a bit different from students of other schools.
49. Экзамены - это самый справедливый путь оценивания учеников. Согласны ли вы
Every year thousands of students take important exams which can decide their future. For example, students have to pass exams with excellent grades in order to get a place in a university.
However, are exams the ultimate solution to judge one's knowledge?
On the one hand, exams seem fair because the questions are the same for all students.
Besides, the exams are marked according to a strict scheme and usually by more than one examiner.
Furthermore, students do exams at the same time and under the same conditions. If the examination procedure is strict, students have no opportunity to cheat, that is why the results of exams are quite objective.
On the other hand, exams do not truly reflect the knowledge students hold. Despite some students deserving to pass, they might be so nervous on the big day that they make a mess of the exam. In addition, there may be other reasons, such as illness, which affect a student's performance in an exam. Moreover, exams do not judge your intelligence. What is really evaluated is your selfconfidence and your short term memory.
To sum up, exams are not the ideal way of testing students therefore the idea of assessing students' work over a longer period is becoming more popular. In my opinion, the best system would be a mixture of exams and course work, in which students will be able to show their creative abilities.
50. Экстремальный спорт. За и против
There is no doubt that extreme sports are becoming more and more popular nowadays.
Nevertheless, these sports are considered rather dangerous and it is quite difficult to understand why people put their lives at risk.
As for me, I can understand people who are addicted to risky sports. First of all, they try extreme sports for the thrill and excitement. They just want a new experience and new emotions to conquer. For them extreme sport is an antidote to our safety-first, shrink-wrapped world. Besides, risky sports enable people to confront fears and to satisfy their curiosity. Finally, young people are likely to take risks because they want to look daring and outrageous.
However, parents are often against extreme sports because of the possibility of injury. They are also afraid that young people will become addicted to taking risks. As a matter of fact, many extreme sports are even less dangerous than traditional ones. Improvements in equipment allow the reduction in risk and if you do not take things to the edge, extreme sports are rather safe. In addition, risky sports help people to relax and to find new friends who share the same passion. In my opinion, it is much better than drug addiction.
To sum up, I strongly believe that extreme sports are as beneficial as traditional kinds. They offer the opportunity to carve your own path and find out where your limits lie. Personally, I am not a risk taker but I respect people who go to extremes.
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